Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150

If Jaguar and elegance belong together, then certainly since 1949! In keeping with the slogan Grace and Pace, the sporty post-war models of the XK series up to 1961 are simply gorgeous, also have superior engine performance and have also celebrated countless successes in motor sport.

The Jaguar XK Series: Grace and Pace

The Jaguar XK120 was built at very short notice as a demonstration model for the newly developed XK6 engine. Surprised by the demand for the car, Jaguar initially built about 240 cars with aluminium bodies, then switched to steel bodies for mass production. A lot of car for the money - that was the slogan of Jaguar boss Sir William Lyons and he remained true to this slogan.

After all, the XK series was a real bargain compared to contemporaries! In addition, the appearance of the XK models is also inspiring. As if it had just whizzed off the racetrack, it was not only looks that impressed at the London Motor Show in 1948 - its top speed of a good 192 km/h also made it chic and also the fastest production car of the time.

The provisional and original appearance of the first vehicles was reduced in the two following series, later vehicles also appeared somewhat more saturated with door handles and crank windows.

Jaguar XK spare parts at SC Parts

The XKs are fascinating cars, the engines extremely powerful and the market very tight. If you have any questions about parts, technical improvements or conversion options, please call us - we know the car and the engine and are happy to help preserve your classic with Jaguar XK spare parts!