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After Singer dealer Lionel Martin won the Aston Hill Climb race in May 1914 driving a specially modified racing car, the direction was clear. He wanted to produce better and faster racing sports cars for the road. This was done from 1920 onwards in small numbers and under frequently changing owners. The cars of the 1930s were accordingly named after the races they had won. After the war, tractor and transmission manufacturer David Brown took over the company. After a thorough inventory, it was clear that a new engine had become necessary. A suitable six-cylinder engine, designed by Walter Bentley, was found at the manufacturer Lagonda, which Brown was also able to acquire. With this engine, Aston Martin experienced a flight of fancy in the 1950s and 60s. The powerful engine in harmonious sporty cars sold well throughout David Brown's era. In 1973 David Brown had to sell the company. The DB abbreviation disappeared from the model designations, a new V8 engine and the model designated as AM V8 heralded a long period of stagnation. From 1987 Ford became involved with Aston Martin. The new Virage appeared and held the position until the release of Aston Martin's first new DB model under Ford's aegis, the DB7. In 2007, Ford sold the company to a group of investors who have successfully taken Aston Martin to the stock market in recent years.

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