Chemical products for the car

Our Classic Car Warehouse provides a large section of car care and chemical products of all your requirements. Leather care for cleaning and enrichment, plastic cleaners, paint, polish and much more.

We cover a wide range of products whose application areas are endless. And this is not only lasting during the restoration, where a variety of high quality lubricants, adhesives etc. is demanded. Also the everyday use deserves a closer look at relevant issues. Like rust protection, as well as small repair products to keep your classic car always in it's best shape. We would be pleased if you take some time to browse through our range.

The new season is just around the corner

Finally, take your sweetheart out for a spin again and let the wind blow around your nose! Before the new season starts, there's still time for a few stroking and care sessions. Get your classic car out of hibernation and spruce it up a bit! Then there is nothing to stop you from taking it out for its first spin.

We carry all the important chemicals for your classic car

Whether coolants, additives, brake fluids or care products for classic cars or everyday vehicles: SC Parts has a wide range of chemicals. No matter if you want to renovate your vehicle or just give the interior a makeover: We have everything you need. And if you have a special request that you can't find in our shop, don't hesitate to call us or write to us! We're sure we can do something for you!