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SC Parts has been the first port of call in the country for 40 years when it comes to sourcing spare parts for classic British vehicles. For some time now, we have been extending our spare parts supply to include classic cars of other vehicle brands. At SC Parts you will find spare parts for your classic car in original equipment manufacturer quality (OEM), improvements, e.g. tuning parts, and every now and then a treasure that has spent the last 30 years in slumber (New Old Stock). Our purchasing agents are constantly on the lookout for new old parts. And if a spare part just can't be found, we have it made.

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Here you will find new and up-to-date guides on topics relating to your classic car, your youngtimer or your classic vehicle. It's worth a look, not only for those seeking advice and classic car newcomers. The articles in our specialist magazine invite you to browse and may also have a tip or two for the professional.