Small but mighty: The Mini as a racing car

In the beginning, the Mini 850, weighing only 570 kilograms, came along relatively strong performance of 34 hp performance therefore - a Small car with middle class level. The great power lured at the beginning but not too large a buyer base. To do this, John Cooper first had to collect trophies on rally tracks and circuits. In the end, the Mini Cooper became a trademark for extra-fast sportiness.

Even Enzo Ferrari drove a Mini, however not without throwing a dig at him: “If he wasn't so ugly, I could fall in love with the Mini." According to legend, Ferrari have said. But a lot of people saw that different and so the mini is said to have even inspired the famous fashion designer Mary Quant to name the mini skirt!

Mini Classic: The birth of the term "compact"

On August 18, 1959, sales of the new small car of the British Motor Corporation short BMC, also known as Morris Mini Minor and when Austin Seven was offered - we all know him now under the name Classic Mini. The car is considered a pop culture icon and the epitome of modern city cars.

That The groundbreaking thing about this little four-seater was its compact like Extremely efficient use of interior space. This was made possible by that the engine-transmission unit including the front wheel drive is transverse was installed, the placement of the wheels precisely on the respective Corners was chosen and so from the body, which is only 3.06 meters long maximum was extracted.

Designer to realize the Front-wheel drive with a transversely installed existing in-line four-cylinder had no more space for the gearbox. So the gearbox came into the Oil pan and the radiator on the side of the engine compartment. Problem solved, technical feat created.

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