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Spurned as the successor to the E-Type, respected as a head of character thanks to its unusual exterior for Jaguar. In the meantime, the massive Jaguar XJS has established itself as a classic. With its flat and very individual front, the oval headlights and the compact interior, it clearly stands out from the Jaguar design of its predecessors. But the Gran Turismo is currently a most affordable way to move a Jaguar 12-cylinder.
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The XJS as E-Type heir

In the early 1970s, the E-Type was clearly showing its age.Its design had become old-fashioned. Due to the discussion in the main market USA about the safety of cabriolets, the Jaguar developers favoured a coupe as successor to the E-Type. As the name suggests, the XJS was developed on the shortened basis of the XJ and was born in 1975 as a twelve-cylinder (5.3 litres, 289 hp). The technology was also derived virtually unchanged from the XJ 12. The XJS was certainly no longer a sports car, but at least an impressive GT.

At first, the British car was initially ill-fated: shortly after the oil crisis, 10mpg (Miles per Gallon) was a statement. But the pleasing exterior of the large coupé, the outstanding engine and the car's media presence got sales going. In total, there were 21 model variants in three successive series over the entire construction period.

And after the 1988 redesign, the successful sports model was also available as a true cabriolet, which accounted for the bulk of sales from then on. In the meantime, the XJS has found its permanent place within the Jaguar community. The last XJS rolled off the assembly line in March 1996.

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