Jaguar XJ (2009-2019) X351

The X351 is a very special model in the 2000 Jaguar series: Not only does it set new standards visually, there are also numerous large and small changes inside. The XJ not only combines luxury with elegance, like all Jaguar models, it also combines the new with the tried and tested. 
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Initiated with the design revolution of the XF, the XJ goes one step further: a little more massive than its slim predecessors, it makes its way through the streets. Yet it lacks neither agility nor speed. On the contrary, its flowing, streamlined design makes it look powerful, agile and simply majestic, just like a true feline predator.

There are six models of the 2009 - 2015 Jaguar XJ. These range from the basic V6 to the V8-powered XJ8 and the Super V8 Portfolio Edition with supercharged V8. The 2009 model took its cue from aircraft design and uses a space-frame construction. This is about 40% lighter and stiffer than the self-supporting steel body, but more cost-intensive for major repairs.

Presented by Jay Leno at the Saatchi Gallery in 2009, the car continued the break with Jaguar design traditions in the luxury class. The Whitley Plant design team, led by Ian Callum, completely re-imagined the "full-size luxury car", although it was technically based on its predecessor, the X350.


A special feature of the X351, in addition to the lavish leather and wood trim, is the integrated infotainment system. This allows both voice navigation and steering wheel control. The two screens are placed behind the steering wheel and as a touchscreen in the centre console. The latter can be used to operate the multifunction system, air conditioning and navigation system.

There are three different engines to choose from for the 2009 XJ, with 8-speed automatic transmission with sequential shifting, limited to 250 km/h. The gears are selected via a rotary switch on the centre console.

A hybrid version of the Jaguar XJ was available from 2011. The model, developed in cooperation with Lotus, used a 145 kW electric motor. This was intended to significantly reduce both the consumption and the pollutant emissions of the saloon.

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Interesting information on the side: During his term of office, politician David Cameron chose the Jaguar XJ - an armoured Sentinell model. Like her predecessor, Theresa May also chose this type of vehicle.

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