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The MG T-series followed the Midgets, Magnettes and Magnas of the early 30s. And it looks like this: a small, uncompromising sports car, light, fast and uncomfortable. The start of the war put an end to the TA after only 3000 units had been built. From the TC on, the MG T-series became very successful in the USA. Up to 80% of some model years went to the USA, from where most copies got back to Germany later on - but this does not detract from their popularity! And if you are looking for example MG TD spare parts, you are right here!

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The MG T-Type was produced in five different models. The simple roadster with a separate frame was produced from 1936 until 1955, when it was replaced by the MGA. If you are looking for MG T-Type spare parts, then we can help you.


This pre-war car has replaced the PB Midget, which was built until 1936. If you are one of the owners of this rarity, then it is best to contact our MG professionals to find TA spare parts that fit perfectly.


With only 379 units produced, the MG TB is the rarest of the T-Types and the last MG produced before the start of the war.


The TC was MG's first post-war car and was launched in 1945. It was also exported to the USA. A slightly increased engine compression, a slightly more modern equipment and a slightly wider interior were the distinguishing features to the TB.


A total of almost 30,000 TD were produced, of which about 1700 were Mk. II models. In 1953 the production was stopped. Only 1656 units remained in Great Britain, 23,488 were exported to the USA. No matter which TD you call your own: We at SC Parts help to preserve it!


The TF is the last MG of the T-series and was built for only two short years - from 1953 to 1955. For TF drivers, we at SC Parts have a lot to offer. Just click through our assortment from the comfort of your home!

The MG alphabet

MG types were designated alphabetically. After the great S-Type saloons, the roadster series that appeared afterwards was designated with the letter "T". The first T-model was given the suffix A. And so it went on: TB, TC, TD and finally TF. At first glance, they all look the same. But only for those who are not familiar with the English roadster!

The TA from MG is a classic roadster, of which about 3000 were built until 1939. As a successor moved the TB, which is probably the rarest among the T-types of MG with 379 pieces produced. The MG TC was the first car MG brought out after World War II in 1945. It looked very similar to the pre-war TB and had almost the same engine, but a more modern interior.

As its successor, 30,000 TD models were built, of which only 1656 remained in the UK. The rest were exported to the USA. The TF, released in 1953, was basically an upgraded TD. It finally heralded the end of the MG T-Type era.

MG T-Type

Cecil Kimber dreamed of sporty cars being the manager of Morris Garages in Oxford. In 1923 he converted the first Morris Cowley into an M.G..From then on MG became world famous through many racing successes In the 30's . After the war, the company built not only sports cars but also limousines. Today the spare parts supply for the models TC to TF is relatively unproblematic - especially MG TD spare parts are in great demand. We at SC Parts maintain our claim to competent advice also for this series.