Limora Engine oil

Product number: 511115
SAE 15W-40 Classic


Content: 5 l (£5.80 / 1 l)
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Product Information "Limora Engine oil"

SAE 15W-40 Classic

The Limora SAE 15W-40 engine oil is a solidly blended mineral oil for highest demands. High-quality base oils and a balanced additive package make the Limora engine oil the first choice for all classic cars of the 70s and 80s, especially for Vauxhall and Volkswagen. It is also suitable for Japanese, European and American classics until the 80s. The Limora 15W-40 is suitable for vehicles with high piston speeds, dry sump lubrication and oil circuits with centrifugal filters. It offers excellent corrosion protection and perfect operating safety under all circumstances.

Range: Multigrade oil
Base oil: mineral oil
Manufacturer's product name: 15W-40
Specifications and manufacturer approvals: API SF / CC
Type of oil: Engine oil
Range of use: Classic multigrade oils
Oil viscosity: 15W-40
Oil - Fuel:
  • Petrol (4 stroke)
  • Ethanol 10
  • Diesel (4 stroke)
Vehicle type:
  • Üassenger car
  • Small transporter
Oil replaces viscosity:
  • SAE 30
  • SAE 20
  • 15W-30
Filling amount: 5 litre