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Wire wheels

Original Dunlop MWS wire wheels • Spinners • Bolt-on-wheels • Wire wheel conversion kits
  • Wire wheels 1 • Wire wheels All our British Classic Wire Wheels are covered by warranty periods of up to three years. The rim and shell are polished to superior finish in special purpose machines. The hand polishing by highly skilled craftsmen compliments this. The nickel plating is done by the Dunlop Method, in which a decorative bright nickel layer is plated over a strong inner semi-bright layer of nickel. The surface finish is enhanced by using technologically latest levelling brightness. To enhance the corrosion resistance, micro porous nickel plating is done prior to chrome plating. All our chrome wire wheels are built with stainless steel spokes and nipples. Fitting instruction. Every centre lock wire wheel comes with fitting instruction to assist in solving problems that are commonly encountered when balancing centre lock wire wheels on an electronic balancer. Our painted wire wheels are primer coated by first using Cathodic Electrophoretic Technology. This increases the corrosion resistance to very high levels. An overcoat of silver grey follows this. For running our competition wire wheels modifications on the front and rear wings will be necessary Diagram A This diagram shows the centre spline of a wire wheel attached to a balancer and is the correct method of location the wheel. Diagram B This diagram shows the centre shell of awire wheel attached to a balancer and is the incorrect method of location the wheel. This methos will give false readings and the appearance of untrue wheels or wheels where large amounts of weights would be required to balance
  • 2 • Wheel packages To balance wire wheels properly you need experience and knowhow. To make things safe and simple for you we now offer a complete wheel and tyre assembly. These wheel and tyre sets are electronically balanced and inflated to the correct air pressure. We only supply Dunlop MWS wire wheels supplied as original equipment manufacture for many 1950 & 1960 period classic cars
  • 3 • Hubs for Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Jaguar and Daimler, MG, Morgan, Sprite and Midget, Sunbeam, Triumph, Alfa Romeo and Maserati
  • 4 • Wire wheels conversion kits Our conversion kits do nor contain the wire wheels and the spinners.
  • 5 • Accessories for wire wheels Spinners, accessories and tools