Wire wheels

We only supply the original MWS/Dunlop wire wheels with 3 years guarantee. For over 50 years the wire wheel for the British classic. Each rim is checked by hand before delivery.

Wire wheels from SC Parts

Chrome plated by qualified professionals and hand polished after chrome plating. To improve resistance to rust, an additional microporous nickel plating is applied before chrome plating, this is called the duplex method.

The painted rims are treated with a special primer using Cathodic Electrophoretic Technology. This gives excellent rust protection. This is followed by the actual painting in silver gray or in black.

Chromed rims always have stainless steel spokes, painted rims are equipped with painted spokes. Each spoke rim comes with fitting instructions. The rim inset is the distance between the center of the rim and the inner bearing surface of the wheel flange. If the rim inset is 0, the center of the rim and the contact surface on the vehicle coincide in one plane. If the offset is positive, the center of the rim sits further in towards the vehicle: the track is therefore smaller. A negative value means that the center of the rim is further out: the track is wider. A change in the track also results in a change in the steering geometry!

To balance spoke rims exactly requires experience and know-how. To relieve you of the legwork and to give you the security of professional work, we also offer complete wheels. The wheel-tire combination is electronically balanced and of course filled with the correct air pressure. There are practically all tire brands to choose from, just ask us.