Accessories, clothing and gift ideas

The SC Parts classic car department store offers an attractive range for all lovers of classic vehicles. NOT ONLY FOR  This does not have to be accompanied by a specific vehicle in every case. In our accessories department, you will find all the appealing items for passionate car lovers. We carry fashion and finest accessories, but also accessories for your desk and a variety of gift ideas.

Into the new season in style

We just can't wait to finally feel the wind in our faces again. Whether it's a ride in the countryside,  the invitation to attend the next Classic Car meeting, or if you'll be cruising down the country road: no matter what, with the right accessories, every ride feels like a short vacation.

We offer a wide range of gift ideas

Here you will find watches of your favorite brand, workshop signs or pedal cars for children. You will also find our selection of attractive textiles, leather jackets, scarves and helmets. Last but not least, we have a wide range of special sweets and teas.
With this selection in mind, we can justifiably say: if you are looking for a gift that suits a classic car enthusiast perfectly, you will find it here.