The Jaguar Mark II and Daimler V8

El motor del Jaguar MK 2 es y seguirá siendo una fuerza absoluta. Siendo una berlina comparativamente compacta, alcanza unas prestaciones de conducción que siguen siendo impresionantes hoy en día en el sector de los deportivos: Por ejemplo, una velocidad máxima de 200 km/h. En SC Parts estaremos encantados de ayudarle a cuidar de su Jaguar Mark II y también de su Daimler V8. Ofrecemos muchas piezas de recambio directamente del almacén y si tiene alguna pregunta, ¡no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros!

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Ofertas actuales para su Mark II y Daimler V8

Upper mid-range sedans

The Jaguar Mark 2, Mark II or MK II, appeared in 1959 as the successor to the previous 2.4 liter models and the 3.4 liter models. From the introduction of the Mark II, these were simply referred to retrospectively as MKI, but not by Jaguar itself.

To make the predecessor MKI fit for the successor, there was a big faceliftt at. The glass house was completely redesigned. Slimmer pillars and a modified shape made it possible to have a glass surface that was almost 20 percent larger and a more modern look. Compared to its predecessor, this one has larger windows, a wider track, disc brakes as standard and a new top engine.

In 1960 Jaguar took over the Daimler Motor Company. Daimler had designed a small-displacement V8, which now fell into the hands of Jaguar. The combination of the 2.5 liter V8 and the MK2 body laid the foundation for the Daimler 250 V8. This was produced from 1962 to 1969.  The Daimler had the traditional wavy grille and a slightly more luxurious interior.

Many names - one classic: the beginning and end of the MK II

A facelift in autumn 1967 led to the new model names Jaguar 240 and Jaguar 340. The 240 had a newly developed cylinder head has an output of 133 hp. Optical changes to the MK II were, for example, narrower bumpers.

When production of the MK II ended in 1969,...

  • 25,173 examples of the 2.4 liter
  • 28,663 examples of the 3.4 liters
  • 30,140 units of the 3.8 liter S
  • 4,446 Jaguar 240
  •  2,788 Jaguar 340
  • and only 12 Jaguar 340 3.8< br>
Leave production at Jaguar.

In addition, there were 17,884 Daimler 250 V8 and V8-250 in total. Various examples of the Jaguar MK II were able to demonstrate their sporty driving dynamics in rallies and circuit races in Europe and the USA. Even today you can still find some of these vehicles in classic touring car races.

Jaguar MK II and Daimler spare parts

Unfortunately, the body shape looked so old-fashioned in 1967, even by English standards that production of the MK II was discontinued in favor of the XJ6. With the XJ6, Jaguar left the upper middle class and focused on the upper class. Well-preserved Jaguar MK II now reach prices between 20,000 and 60,000 euros, depending on condition and design. At SC Parts you can get Jaguar MK II engines and other spare parts from stock - you will also find what you are looking for with us for the Daimler V8!