Classic car headlamps at SC Parts

The headlamps on a classic car are essential components of the whole vehicle design. That's why we offer a wide range of different models and sizes, so you can find the exact spare part that fits to your vehicle. So if you're looking for a classic car headamp, then you are absolutely right here.

Which headlamp fits to my classic car?

It is important to note that there are vehicle specific and country specific versions, such as the sealed-beam headlamp, because there is no general operating permit for it in Germany.

Essentially, there are two common diameters of classic car headlamps, 7" (178 mm) and 5.3/4" (146 mm). Vehicles manufactured for the US market usually require 7" round headlamps.

When you buy headlamps, it is essential to consider the driving order in your country. English Classic cars that are imported are usually a right-hand drive vehicle and must therefore be converted for road traffic in Germany:

  • If you want to equip a vehicle with headlamps on the continent, they must be marked RHT, alternatively LHD, alternatively right-hand traffic. It is not important where the steering wheel is located.
  • If you are equipping a vehicle with headlamps for use in England, Australia or Asia, they must be marked LHT, alternatively RHD, alternatively left-hand traffic.

Of course, we at SC Parts follow technology and offer in our classic car headlamps assortment also noble as well as power-saving LED lights that perfectly shine your surroundings on a ride as well as your vehicle!

In the following we introduce our main headlamp models and our auxiliary headlamps, so read on and find the right headlamp for your classic car with SC Parts!

Main headlamps for your classic car

Here you can browse our range of classic car headlamps. From the hazard warning lights to the indicators, you will find all the components for adequate classic car lighting.

If you have any questions or you are not sure whether your desired headlamp is suitable for your vehicle or not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our telephone hotline is staffed seven days a week. Together with over 30 colleagues and experts for your brand of car, we will find a solution to any spare part problem!

H1, H4, Bilux or Tripod headlamps: at SC Parts you will find what you are looking for!

Our high-quality headlamps for classic cars are available in many designs such as LHD or RHD, with or without parking light as well as with curved or flat diffusing lens.

You can buy H4 headlamps of the highest quality from us already at low prices, such as our 7" models without parking light with a reflector made of vaporized steel sheet, suitable for LHD.

We also offer the same model for RHD! If you are looking for a 5.3/4" H1 headlamp for LHD and RHD models, then you will find it at SC Parts!

In our wide range you will also find the Osram brand Bilux. In the high-quality lamps, two filaments are used as standard and there is no piece of plastic installed, but only glass and vaporized steel sheet.

Our tripod headlamps are particularly high quality: The company Lucas has designed a headlamp to produce particularly strong light via the reflector cone, called Tripod. Here again the different versions of LHD and RHD are available!

Our Hella classic car headlamps

From the quality brand Hella, we offer, among other things, auxiliary headlights that provide optimal illumination of the roads. For example you can easily order Hella fog lights at SC Parts, simple when ordering the complete Jaguar XJ40 conversion kit.

Auxiliary headlamps for more illumination

Auxiliary headlamps are a relevant topic for classic cars, because especially old models rather guarantee a moderate illumination of the road. With our auxiliary headlights you are therefore absolutely right if safety at dusk and darkness is important to you. Our range includes additional front and rear lights!

Here you can get auxiliary headlamps in many sizes and varieties, so we can always offer a suitable solution for you! Such as our external 5.3/4" fog and spotlamps and our 7" auxiliary headlamp, all of them have an appealing look.

Classic car fog and spot lamps

On our site you will find over 40 items related to fog lamps and spot lamps. We offer the following diameters:

Of course, we only have high-quality processed headlamp models in our range, which have a chrome-plated housing and glass diffusing lenses.

Our classic car headlamp accessories

Whether Lucas brand covers, small parts such as nuts and mounting washers, headlamp inserts or bezels - at SC Parts you will find everything it takes to install your headlamp. Of course, we also carry…

  • Toggle switch,
  • control lamps,
  • bulbs
  • and holders for mounting in our extensive range of spare parts.

In short: at SC Parts you get everything around the topic of spare parts and classic car lighting!

No matter if you are looking for the well known and popular brands Bosch, Marchal or Magneti Marelli or if you are interested in special models like the Rallye 180 or the Rallye 225 - at SC Parts your search will be successful!

High quality classic car headlamps at SC Parts

We at SC Parts always pay attention to the highest quality and excellent advice for our spare parts - of course, this also applies to the topic of classic car headlamps. Classic cars and historic vehicles of all kinds are always enthusiast vehicles and we at SC Parts are absolutely aware of this. Take a look at our brochure!

FAQ: Questions and answers

We answer your questions about classic car headlamps!

What if I put LED lights on my classic car?

Answer from No, because these are not considered contemporary.

Are classic cars still allowed to be operated with acetylene gas lighting?

No, because this is explosive and the headlamps have no light/dark barrier, i.e. they are not equipped to prevent oncoming traffic from being dazzled.

What does "with parking light" or "without parking light" mean?

If you buy a headlamp with parking light from us, this headlamp is provided with the possibility to install a parking light. If the parking light is already provided elsewhere on the body, you do not need a parking light.

What is the difference between H1 and H4 headlamps?

H1 headlamps have only one filament, which is used for low beam and high beam. H4 lamps have two filaments, one for low beam and another for high beam.