Wiring harness for classic cars

An old wiring harness in a classic car is unfortunately all too often ignored, no matter how much the classic vehicle is otherwise cared for, and with fatal consequences. What a wiring harness is, why it should be redone in the course of a restoration and which products you will find at SC Parts to ensure that it works optimally, you can find out here!

What is a wiring harness?

When several cables run together in a vehicle, they are usually bundled together manually and with a precise fit. The wiring harness is created by routing the cables as a cable harness and then sheathing and holding them together with clamps, cable ties, twine or hoses. Of course, insulation must not be missing on the outside!

The cables are not simply connected together. This is done on a special workbench or on a special moulding board. Here the tree is shaped, the cables combined and everything is clamped together. This very compact and static tree is then installed.

In this way, you can transmit information in the form of signals and energy in the form of working currents in a small amount of space. At the same time, a cable harness has even more advantages compared to wiring individual lines:
  • The installation volume is small.
  • The installation of the lines is faster.
  • Components are rarely connected incorrectly.
  • Maintenance of the cables is made easier.
  • Bundling the cables provides additional protection, for example against vibrations and weather influences.
  • Although the cabling is done manually, it is cheaper.
  • Interference emissions are reduced.

How can you tell that the wiring harness needs to be replaced?

Depending on the environmental influences your vehicle is exposed to, or how well the existing wiring harness was installed, it will be longer or shorter lifespan. Especially in the course of a restoration, the wiring harness should also be examined carefully. Because in the worst case, there is a risk of a short circuit, which in turn can result in a cable fire.

However, there are a few indications that point to a desolate wiring harness, but general information on this should be treated with caution:

  • bad contact
  • dark lamps and indicator lights
  • low ignition voltage

The wiring harnesses in our range are always based on the original and offer highest vehicle safety when installed professionally.

The most common errors caused by a desolate wiring harness are:

  • Contacts are corroded
  • Someone has additional consumers are connected and the power cross-sections and fuses are disregarded, thus destroying the actually functioning electrical system.

Classic car wiring harness: Our range of products

At SC Parts, we offer the following varieties of cables and wiring harnesses for classic cars for you and your classic vehicle:

  • Braided cables
  • PVC cables

The only difference here is the visual appearance. You decide what suits best to your vehicle. If you are looking for a wiring harness for a specific vehicle, for example an Austin Healey or a Triumph, then we will be glad to help you.

Cables and wiring harnesses at SC Parts

During the next inspection or restoration of your classic vehicle, please also be sure to pay attention to the age and condition of the wiring. The wiring harness in a classic car stands for the bundled lifelines that supply your car with the necessary energy. But because these wires run invisibly inside, you must take special care to keep them well maintained. At SC Parts, we are glad to help you and provide you with high-quality spare parts - also in terms of cables and wiring harnesses. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!