Classic car battery

The car battery, also called the starter battery, is basically one of the most important components in the vehicle. Without the accumulator, no electrical energy for the starter, without energy for the starter, no engine start. Especially with the classic car battery, maintenance, inspection and proper handling are of utmost importance - not only during storage. SC Parts offers a wide range of products to ensure that you keep your classic car battery in the best possible condition and, if necessary, purchase a suitable new one!

Classic car batteries: Your product range at SC Parts

At SC Parts we have the following products in our range of classic car batteries: We offer classic starter batteries with hard rubber casing with 12 or 6 volts voltage, lead-acid high-performance batteries from Optima® also with 12 and 6 volts as well as AGM pure lead high-performance batteries from Hawker® and Odyssey® with 12 volts voltage. In addition, we also have accessories such as battery chargers and battery pulsers for battery maintenance in our range.

6 Volt batteries for classic cars with hard rubber chasing

In terms of 6V oldtimer batteries, we at SC Parts offer starter batteries with hard rubber housing in various dimensions. The housing is kept in classic black. You can choose from the following variants in different dimensions:

169 x 175 x 218 mm
186 x 170 x 189 mm
216 x 170 x 183 mm
343 x 172 x 224 mm
and much more.

Our range of classic car starter batteries includes many more dimensions. Simply click through our page and find the perfect classic car battery for your classic car!

Optima® lead-acid high-performance batteries - 6 volts and 12 volts

Lead-acid batteries have the largest share of the global battery market, around 90 percent. They have a fairly long life of up to 15 years and can deliver high amperages in a relatively short time. Furthermore, they are inexpensive and recycling is possible despite the environmentally harmful heavy metal lead.

At SC Parts you will find lead-acid batteries for your classic car from Optima® with 6 volts and 2 volts voltage. Optima® starter batteries can withstand the extreme temperatures that occur under the bonnet of high-performance vehicles.

The sealed cells make the battery leak-proof even when mounted tilted sideways, so it cannot be damaged by leaking battery acid. Thanks to the patented Spiracell® technology, all internal components are reliably fixed. Optima® batteries can therefore withstand even extreme shocks.

Of course, we also offer this type of battery in different dimensions from 237 x 171 x 197 mm up to 254 x 175 x 200 mm.

Hawker® Odyssey® AGM pure lead high performance batteries - 12 volts.

Odyssey® is designed to withstand severe shock and vibration with up to three times the load of conventional batteries. The ideal battery for classic cars and classic automobiles that often sit in the garage for months at a time. Thanks to the deep cycle performance of the Odyssey® battery, they can be started without any problems even after two years of standing. At SC Parts you will find those starter batteries with 12 volts voltage and in the following dimensions:

287 x 175 x 190 mm
353 x175 x 190 mm
167 x 176 x 171 mm
276 x 172 x 201 mm
and many more.

Classic car batteries: Accessories

If you like to work on your car yourself, you will not only need the right spare parts, but also precise-fitting and functional accessories, such as the right cables. We at SC Parts offer both for classic car batteries. From…

Battery master switch,

from safety goggles,

to distilled water and pipettes for filling the battery.

…you will find useful little helpers for your home under accessories for the starter battery.

A lead battery loses about 1% of its charge per day. After a few weeks, a charge level is reached at which the vehicle can no longer be started. A battery charger is needed for the correct storage of a classic vehicle - but we can only recommend this purchase otherwise as well. For example, our SC Parts battery charger Toolman's choice. This will extend the battery's life expectancy and preserve its performance.

The charger can be connected permanently, making it ideal for seasonal vehicles. Automatic switch-off when the battery is fully charged and a 4.2 amp continuous charging current are just two of the key data of this unit. In addition, it offers…

  • a high performance level of 85%
  • compact dimensions
  • and simplest operation

It is suitable for all types of 12 volt from 4 to 120Ah lead-acid batteries (wet, gel, MF and AGM) and lead-calcium batteries for classic cars.

Classic car batteries at SC Parts

A powerful battery is essential for the joy of driving for the owner of a classic car. To ensure that your collector's item always starts perfectly, that the car's electrical system, such as the alternator and starter, is supplied and that you always enjoy driving, we have the right classic car battery on offer for you. If you have any questions or are not sure which model best suits your vehicle, don't hesitate to contact us, 7 days a week, at any time!