Penrite Gearbox oil

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Product Information "Penrite Gearbox oil"


Penrite 80W-90 gear oil is highly blended for high performance. It exceeds API GL-5 and GL-6. This hypoid oil is based on mineral oils and is blended with EP additives and friction modifiers to the best possible quality level. It already contains a limslip additive for use in limited slip differentials. The Penrite 80W-90 transaxle and axle oil can be used without hesitation in the most demanding environments.
For better distinctness and leakage control, the oil is dyed blue.

Range: Multigrade oil
Base oil: mineral oil
Manufacturer's product name: Gear Oil
Specifications and manufacturer approvals:
  • MIL-L-2105D
  • MIL-L-PRF-2105E
  • MT-1
  • PG-2
  • API GL-5 und GL-6
  • GM HN 1181/1187/1386/1561
  • China National GB 13895-1992
  • Ford ESW-M2C1006-B/1013-A/104-A/105-A/197-A
Type of oil:
  • Gear oil
  • Differential and axle oil
Range of use:
  • Transmission oils for manual transmissions and overdrive units
  • Gearbox oils for transfer cases
  • Oils for differentials and axles
Oil viscosity: 80W-90
Vehicle type:
  • Üassenger car
  • Small transporter
  • Truck and bus
Oil replaces viscosity:
  • SAE 80
  • SAE 90
  • 80W
  • 85W
Filling amount: 1 litre

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