Gear oils

Manual transmissions, primary power transmissions, final drives, some with hypoid gears, or even just a steering gear, wherever gears turn, a gear oil is necessary. Gear oils are defined by the API according to viscosity and technical properties. While small deviations are still possible in viscosity, the API class should already be correct. The additive composition of the gear oil should be chemically compatible with any friction discs, clutches or synchroniser rings.

Please observe the maintenance intervals of the aggregate manufacturer, because the gears in the gearbox break down the polymers over time and the viscosity decreases. The oils of API GL-1 to 4 are not suitable for hypoid gears (axle drive). However, API GL-5, which is suitable for this purpose, can only be used in a few classic vehicles for reasons of material compatibility.

Gear oils at SC Parts

SC Parts supplies a wide range of gear oils of all viscosities and specifications. If you are not sure which gear oil you need, take a look at our oil finder. And if you can't find anything for your special case, give us a call: We can convert all designations.