Land Rover Gearbox oil

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MTF 94
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Product Information "Land Rover Gearbox oil"

Land Rover: Series I, II, IIA and III (1948-85) • 90, 110 and Defender (1983-2007) • Defender II (2007-15) • Discovery I (1989-98) • Discovery II (1998-2004) • Discovery III (2004-09) • Discovery IV (2009 onwards) • (Freelander I (1997-2006) • Freelander II (2006-14)

MG: MGF and TF with manual PG1 transmission (1995-2005)

other manufacturers: Rover 45 with PG1 manual transmission and with R65 manual transmission, Rover 75 with Getrag 283 manual transmission, Rover 25 with R65 manual transmission • Lotus Elise Series I with PG1 manual transmission (1996-2000)

Range Rover: Classic (1970-96) • P38A (1994-2002) • L322 (2002-12) • LG (2012 onwards) • Sport (2005-13) • Evoque (2011 onwards)

MTF 94

MTF 94 is a specific manual transmission fluid, formulated with dedicated additive technology and non-conventional base stocks. MTF 94 has been developed in response to higher power output in manual transmissions and subsequent concerns about gear pitting resistance and bearing durability. In addition MTF 94 provides the right answer to synchroniser shift problems in manual transmissions.
MTF 94 provides outstanding performance with regard to oxidation and thermal stability, anti-corrosion and rust protection, foaming and compatibility with various manual transmission components such as elastomeric seals and plastic parts. MTF 94 additive technology has been carefully selected to provide exceptional frictional characteristics, resulting in excellent gear change feeling both at cold and under operating conditions. In addition, these frictional characteristics are retained over a longer period than more common MTF fluids available on the market. MTF 94 has been successfully tested with a variety of synchroniser materials, including brass, paper lined and molybdenum sprayed synchronisers. The proprietary combination of anti-wear/extreme pressure additives provides excellent gear protection, without compromising the oxidation and thermal stability of the product. MTF 94 is capable of withstanding prolonged periods at 150°C. In addition, its high viscosity index characteristics permits use over a wide temperature range by providing excellent low temperature fluidity and, at the same time, retaining the desired viscosity under high temperature conditions. MTF 94 can be used over longer drain periods compared to commonly available manual transmission fluids.
MTF 94 can be used in a variety of synchronised manual transmissions where a 75W-80W or 80W manual transmission oil meeting the API GL-4 performance level is recommended.
MTF 94 will provide excellent performance in those instances where gear shifts are very obstructive.
MTF 94 can be applied in light-duty non-hypoid transfer boxes.
MTF 94 is suitable for ZEXEL limited slip axles.
Product recommendations and approvals:
MTF 94 is recommended for Rover models equipped with the PG-1 gearbox (45, MGF) or Getrag 283 gearbox (75), and also for the R65 gearbox from construction date mid-2000 onwards (25, 45).
MTF 94 is recommended for use in manual transmissions of all Land Rover vehicles.

Range: Multigrade oil
Base oil: synthetic
Manufacturer's product name: MTF 94
Specifications and manufacturer approvals:
  • API GL4
  • API GL3
Type of oil: Gear oil
Range of use:
  • Transmission oils for manual transmissions and overdrive units
  • Gearbox oils for transfer cases
  • Oils for differentials and axles
Oil viscosity: 75W-80
Vehicle type:
  • Üassenger car
  • Small transporter
Oil replaces viscosity:
  • 80W
  • 75W
Filling amount: 1 litre

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