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Many powerful and dynamic sports cars have been built under the Triumph brand.
As early as 1934, a Triumph Gloria developed by Donald Healey won the Monte Carlo Rally. Standard Motors had taken over the trademark rights for the "Triumph" brand in 1944 and wanted to use the sporty connotation of the name for a sports car series. From the unconvincing TR1, a really powerful sports car emerged under the direction of Ken Richardson. With the TR2, whose engine was based on that of the standard Vanguard, Triumph offered a competitive 100 mph vehicle at a comparatively low price.
The TR series quickly became successful, was widely exported and was offered until 1981.

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Whether TR2 or Triumph Stag - we have the right spare part for every Triumph driver and enthusiast in our range. Did you know that we can also offer parts for most of Triumph's saloons? You can find parts for your favourite roadster by selecting the vehicle model from the corresponding image. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Triumph history

Office machines, bicycles, motorbikes, pre-war vehicles and many well-known classics in automotive history can be traced back to Siegfried Bettmann, a native of Nuremberg. The German immigrant may never have suspected that Triumph would one day release a 146 hp V8-powered car, but without his existence it would never have happened.

Like the multi-faceted history of the company, the classic cars and their series models are multi-faceted too. At Triumph, each series model actually has its very own charm: while the TR2 and TR3 still perfectly exude the last touch of post-war flair and come across as rather elitist, the TR4 seems like something from another world: thanks to Giovanni Michelotti!

In addition to the TR4, the Italian automobile designer also designed the 1300 and the 2000 MK I and II saloons as well as Triumph's flagship - the Stag - which was equipped with a V8 engine.

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At SC Parts, we have been dealing with the subject of spare parts for classic British cars for over 20 years and this undoubtedly includes the Triumph brand. Spare parts for everything with an engine from 1953 up to the TR8 - here you will find what your driver's heart desires! Because we at SC Parts preserve what moves!