Duckhams Engine oil

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Classic Q 10W-40


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Product Information "Duckhams Engine oil"

Classic Q 10W-40

The only classic oil with the distinctive “green” colour
Duckhams Classic Q 10W-40, true to its history as “the engines choice” is a mineral oil multigrade engine oil, carefully selected to be suitable for use in Classic vehicles requiring an SAE 10W-30 or 10W-40 engine oil. Classic Q 10W-40 features a finely balanced additive package, including detergents and dispersants, in high quality base oils to maintain high levels of cleanliness and sludge controls in engines fitted with full flow filters, whilst still protecting from wear, rust and corrosion. Duckhams Classic Q 10W-40 is designed using updated additives to provide reliable protection to Classic vehicles whilst still meeting, or exceeding, the performance required of a classic oil. The balanced ZDDP level protects critical components, such as cam shafts, valve gears and bearings from wear. With it's shear stability this multi-grade engine oil is designed to maintain oil pressure and reduce oil consumption within classic engines.

Range: Multigrade oil
Base oil: mineral oil
Manufacturer's product name: Classic Q
Specifications and manufacturer approvals:
  • ACEA A3/B3
Type of oil: Engine oil
Range of use: Classic multigrade oils for diesel engines
Oil viscosity: 10W-40
Oil - Fuel:
  • Petrol (4 stroke)
  • Diesel (4 stroke)
Vehicle type:
  • Üassenger car
  • Small transporter
Oil replaces viscosity:
  • 10W-30
  • SAE 30
  • SAE 40
Filling amount: 5 litre