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right - single piece with dents, dings and scratches


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Product Information "Door XK8 • Bargain"

Jaguar: XK8 (X100) 4.0 and 4.2 to VIN...A48684 (1996-2005)

right - single piece with dents, dings and scratches

Here we offer items with slight damage such as scratches, dents or colour defects. Or they are completely undamaged and as good as new parts that were only mounted once.
All these are mostly single items or only available in very small numbers.
Usually, these items are scrapped. But this is not compatible with our understanding of sustainable business. Perhaps you are the craftsman who will fix the part.
All items are illustrated and described as well as possible.
We ask for your understanding that such items are excluded from exchange.
You are welcome to view them on site. However, please enquire in advance about the respective storage location. It's worth browsing!