123 Ignition system

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for negative earth cars


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Product Information "123 Ignition system"

Mini: with A series engine (to approx. 1980)

for negative earth cars

The most important features of the 123 electronic ignition system at a glance:
- The 123 is a complete electronic map ignition system.
- The entire ignition electronics are housed in a distributor housing, so you can replace your old distributor with a 123 without much effort. The appearance remains almost in its original condition.
- The 123 ignition system is available for almost all engines. If you cannot find your vehicle in the selection lists, we can manufacture a suitable ignition system.
- There are three different 123 ignition systems available. They only differ in the type of ignition curve adjustment:
1. 123 Ignition System with 16 fixed ignition curves to choose from.
2. 123 Tune: Freely programmable ignition curves via USB, two curves stored in the unit, can be changed while driving.
3. 123 Bluetooth: Ignition curves to be programmed via Bluetooth, 2 curves can be stored in the unit. In addition, extensive engine monitoring functions.

- The adjustment of the ignition timing is purely electronic and is therefore not subject to wear. Only the distributor finger and cap can still wear out and should be replaced every 30,000 kilometres.
- With the engine running, Tune and Bluetooth provide information about crankshaft speed, intake manifold pressure, ignition timing, ignition system temperature and ignition coil current consumption via the interface. The associated software displays this data on a "virtual dashboard".
- The 123 automatically compensates for acceleration differences between individual cylinders and thus ensures smoother engine running. In motorsport, this technique is known as "spark balancing".
- The 4- and 6-cylinder variants of the 123 TUNE and Bluetooth are available for vehicles with "plus mass" as well as for vehicles with "minus mass". The 8-cylinder variants are only suitable for vehicles with negative ground.
- The 4- and 6-cylinder variants of the 123TUNE are suitable for vehicles with 6 volts as well as for vehicles with 12 volts on-board electrical system. The 8-cylinder variants can only be used for vehicles with 12 volt on-board electrical system.