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Seal kit brake caliper

Seal kit brake caliper
rear. This kit services one caliper

Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Series 1 and 2 fitted with Jaguar XJ type brake calipers. Some Series 2 rear calipers supersede to the XJ type. The pistons are the same size, but the sealing arrangement is slightly different • XJ6: Series II 4.2 Saloon from 2S6334, 2S50206, 2T15418 and 2T58039 - Series II 4.2 Coupe from 2J1902, 2J51896, 2H1454 and 2H50019 - Series II 3.4 from 3A2904, 3A50664, 3B1906 and 3B50001 - Series II Vanden Plas from 3C1198 and 3C50001 - all Series III • Series II: Jaguar Saloon from 2R54651 (LHD) and 2R3969 (RHD), Jaguar Coupe from 2G50662 (LHD) and 2G1146 (RHD), Daimler Saloon from 2K50115 (LHD) and 2K2228 (RHD), Daimler Coupe from 2F50013 (LHD) and 2F1063 (RHD), Vanden Plas from 2P50114 (LHD) and 2P1921 (RHD) - all Series III

Aston Martin Lagonda V8 (1976-89)

TVR Wedge: Tasmin (1980-84) • 280i (1980-87) • 350i and 350SX (1983-89) • 350SE (1990-91) • 390SE (1984-88) • 420SE (1986-87) • 400SE, 400SX and 430SE (1988-91) • 450SE (1989-90) • 420 SEAC (1986-88) • 450 SEAC (1988-89)