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Oil stat

Jaguar Oil stat
with 5/8" BSP unions

Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150, E-Type S1, S2, Mark II, S-Type (1963-68), Daimler V8, XJ6 S1, S2 und S3

Our oilstats are designed to prevent flow of engine oil through the cooler until a desired temperature is reached. Control of the oil flow in the thermostat is effected by a wax filled capsule, known as a “Waxstat”. The “Waxstat” used is set to direct oil through the cooler at 74°C. We have been advised by leading oil manufacturers that it is necessary for the oil to reach this temperature in order to evaporate and dispel contaminating substances. No oil circulation through the cooler can take place until this temperature has been reached.