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Oil seal conversion kit

Oil seal conversion kit
crankshaft rear. This kit replaces both types of original crankshaft seals.
It is mounted on the inner side of the crankshaft flange, so the crankshaft needs to be processed at the former sealing surface. During an engine overhaul these changes can be easily done while grinding the crankshaft

Jaguar XK6 engines with groove in the rear recess of the oil sump

The crankshaft in the XK engine is sealed with sealing cord or a scroll on the back of the crank. Both technical solutions have been state of the art the time, the engine has been designed and developed. Till today, both sealing methods are still usable, as long as you tolerate one or another oil drop underneath the car. But as soon as the engine gets an overhaul, it is time to think about a more appropriate sealing method.
Two different sealing kits for the crankshaft are available, both based on a modern radial shaft seal, designed to stop oil leakages. The sealing kits work on both types of engines, can be used with steel- or aluminium oil sumps and can be mounted with reasonable effort, as long as the crankshaft is removed.
Comprehensive installation instructions come with the kit.