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Airmen Beans Lozenges

2.65 GBP
21 coffee pieces to truly take your taste buds to a whole new level of excitement for your mind, body and sole

The legendary stamina of South-American pilots has been mystery for decades: After hours in action, they were still fit to deliver an outstanding performance. Their secret: powerful lozenges containing coffee, guarana and sugar can, prepared after a traditional recipe.

An ancient Indian secret
As long as centuries ago, the Indians knew how to use the mysterious, invigorating powers of guarana, the grounded and roasted seeds of a Brazilian liana. It contains the fourfold concentration of caffeine as coffee, which, in combination with special tannic acids, enhances attentiveness, stamina and performance.

Finest coffee lozenges with guarana
Whereas coffee provides just a brief kick, guarana takes effect many, many hours - it’s like magic.
They taste excellent and increase

The original recipe has now been adapted, using the latest scientific findings. Today AirMen Beans, the delicious coffee-guarana lozenges with finest coffee taste, provide an incomparable experience for your taste buds, mind and body.
Vigilance, stamina and performance

Today, AirMen Beans are highly concentrated coffee lozenges with 7.5% of guarana (as 2.5% extract). Modern sugar-free, low calorie and kind to the teeth. In a special, highly sophisticated process, the agents and flavouring are dissolved in a liquid mass based on natural gum arabic, then cast into moulds and dried for some 14 days. Lozenges are ‘solid solutions’. They release their agents and flavours in a finely-distributed manner in the oral cavity. Most of the agents are absorbed through the mucous membrane directly into the bloodstream.