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Chemico Lapping paste

Lapping paste
water based, with coarse 80 grit
A range of high performance, water based Lapping Pastes, incorporating a unique gel system that enhances the sharpening characteristics of silicon carbide grit. Depending on the degree of wear and type of equipment the correct grade is available from fine to coarse. An extremely stable easy to use paste having low environmental impact which does not require cleaning after use. Developed for the maintenance departments of golf courses, municipal organisations, schools and sporting venues.
• Oil free
• Low odour
• Easily to use
• Improves Cutting Performance
• Cohesive gel provides faster sharpening
• Suitable for most types of equipment
• Low fling formula, which penetrates to the sharpening surfaces
• Non drying, rewettable formula, rinses with water even after standing
• Resists slumping
• Prevents corrosion on newly sharpened blades
Application and storage:
Adjust cutting edges to be level and within 1mm of each other and coat blades with compound using swab or brush. This can be done whilst the blades are running in reverse lapping gear but obvious safety precautions should be taken. The selection of coarse, medium or fine will depend upon type of equipment and degree of sharpening needed. Run machine without cutting grass for up to 1 minute and re-apply if necessary. Readjust blades accordingly. Store between 0-35 °C. Store in tightly closed containers. Protect from frost.
Filling Quantity 2.5 kg