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Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing

15 GBP
Instant Tyre Dressing
Dull tyre walls spoil the look of your perfect wheels.
Instant Tyre Dressing contains polymer silicone protectants to transform your tyres walls from old to new.
It can leave you with a gloss or satin finish, whichever you prefer.

How to use:
1. Shake well and apply generously to the sidewall of clean tyres, do not apply to tyre tread.
Instant Tyre Dressing can be applied to wet or dry rubber.
2. Allow to dry for a light gloss, or remove the excess with a clean microfibre cloth for a satin finish.

Due to slippery characteristics use only on recommended areas.
Do not use on motorcycle tyres. Avoid accidental spills and runs which can mark tarmac or pavd surfaces.
Filling Quantity 500 ml