Henry Ford: A pioneer in the automobile industry

In 1903, Henry Ford founded a factory in Detroit that is regarded as the origin of the company. The Ford Motor Company was already Henry Ford's second car company. In contrast to the competition and also his former partners, Ford wanted to concentrate from the beginning on vehicles that everyone could afford.

With the introduction of assembly line production in 1913, Ford produced a radical change in the car industry, which was just beginning to develop. Although the principle of assembly line production had already existed at the end of the 19th century, Henry Ford perfected this principle and made it both efficient and economical. With the help of his engineer Charles E. Sorensen, he built a permanent assembly line in 1913 and thus created the first "moving assembly line".

As a result, production at Ford was increased by a factor of eight. The consequence: the price of his T-model was radically reduced and wages increased at the same time, as sales were multiplied. Henry Ford was also a man who knew how to let his employees share in his own success!

And the Model T was a vehicle that was optimised so much over the course of its product life cycle that at times the Ford company built more cars than all the other factories in the world combined - which in turn fits perfectly with the USA and its mentality of higher, bigger, further.

The low sales price therefore had nothing to do with an inferior product, but quite the opposite: through the perfect automation of the assembly line work, Ford was able to produce many vehicles in a short cycle time, which perfected sales, profits and the entire production.

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The concept of volume cars has endured to this day, not without having produced some beautiful and still admired classics along the way. Such as the Cologne models P3 and P5, the Capri series or the Escort 1 and 2, which are particularly popular in England.

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