The Alfa and its history

Founded as the Italian branch of Darracq, Alfa Romeo had a very chequered history, quickly moving in the direction of sporty luxury cars. The A.L.F.A. owes its current name to the engineer Nicola Romeo, who joined the company in 1915 but left it again in 1926 as part of the nationalisation process.

But the foundation stone had been set. Alfa Romeo produced technically sophisticated premium cars, a direction that was not questioned even after the Second World War. The first generation of mass-produced cars was the Giulietta, which also set the technical framework for its conceptually very similar successors, the Giulia, Spider, Sprint and GTV.

Throughout its history, Alfa Romeo has always impressed with its variety of models, state-of-the-art technology and unmistakable design: whether an 8C 2900 from the 1930s, a 1900 from the 1950s or the GTA from the 1960s - every Alfa is a complete work of art in itself and an integral part of Italian automotive history - especially in terms of design and innovation!

Alfa and its timeless design icons

Especially in terms of daring and design, Alfa Romeo always had its finger on the pulse of the times, or rather - in retrospect - was sometimes even a little ahead of them. Just recall the prototypes for the Alfa Romeo Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica models, B.A.T for short. These aerodynamic prototypes were intended to lead to a worthy successor to the Disco Volante and reached a top speed of 200 Km/h.

Just recently, on 3 October 2020, the three B.A.T models 5,7 and 9d from 1953-1955 were sold at Sotheby's in New York for 15 million USD! Not quite as highly priced, but also sold well in 2020 was an Alfa Romeo. This time a red Spider 2.0 - Series 4 from 1996 for a price of 41,041, - Euros. And that was for a good cause!

The Alfa design even made an impression in Hollywood: Octopussy, The Graduate, The Sweet Life and various other appearances in well-known films made the Alfa Romeo Spider popular. With 124,000 units in over 27 years, the popular cabriolet became the longest-built Alfa Romeo Spider.

Alfa Romeo: the sports car

Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo: these three brands virtually fought out the first Formula 1 races of the 1950s among themselves, and it was usually the Alfa that won. This is how Giuseppe Farina became known as the very first Formula 1 world champion in history. Of course, the Italian wanted to build on these successes, and he succeeded!

In the mid-60s, even a standard Giulia had an exposed engine. Despite larger displacements, all competitors were on the road with less power and at least 30km/h lower top speed. The name still lives on these times today, and rightly so, we think!

Alfa Romeo spare parts at SC Parts

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