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Hydraulic oil

Jaguar Hydraulic oil
mineral oil based fluid for hydraulic level controls, hydropneumatic suspension systems and power steering and braking aids

Jaguar All models fitted with Adwest power steering units

Hydraulic system mineral oil for hydraulic power systems on cars where the reservoir caps or receivers are designed to fit the nozzle on this dispenser and are colour coded green.
1. Follow vehicle manufacturer's recommendations when adding hydraulic system mineral oil.
2. Hydraulic System Mineral oil is not compatible with the rubber components of brake systems designed for use with dot brake fluids.
3. Keep hydraulic system mineral oil clean. Contamination with dust or other materials may result in brake failure or costly repair.
4. Caution: Store hydraulic system mineral oil only in its original container, keep container clean and tightly closed. Do not refill container or use for other liquids.
For use only on the hydraulic power boost system of Jaguar/Daimler cars fitted with a compatible connector.
Oil Name Hydraulic System Mineral Oil
Viscosity -
Base Oil mineral
Specifications • LHM
• LHM Plus
• SAE J 1703
• ISO VG 15
• ISO VG 22
Scope mildly alloyed
Filling Quantity 0.5 l