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Harmonic balancer

243 GBP
crankshaft - complete with fan belt disc. Improved copy with 3/8” fan belt width

Austin Healey BN4 to BJ8. BN1 and BN2 need in addition our narrow fan belt conversion kit part no. 321222. For BJ8 models from engine no. 29K-H10272 onwards, water pump 205370 and fan belt 205376 is need in addition

MG MGC (1967-69)

For the ultimate in balance, look no further than the harmonic crankshaft damper. This damper replaces the original old fashioned and often perished damper, with a fully up to date harmonic damper. The damper has been tried and tested, proving incredibly effective at removing longitudinal waves caused by the crankshaft movement. This means a much smoother engine with less wear on components.