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Penrite Gearbox oil

Gearbox oil
Classic ATF DX 2

Land Rover Models with LT77, LT77S and R380 5-speed gearboxes

Range Rover Models with LT77, LT77S and R380 5-speed gearboxes

Classic ATF DX 2 is premium mineral, multi vehicle, DEXRON®-IID automatic transmission fluid for classic & older transmissions that required Type A / Suffix A or GM DEXRON® / DEXRON® II fluids. It is manufactured with modern additive technology and premium base oils to provide better shift performance and protection than original type automatic transmission fluids.
Classic ATF DX 2 is designed for use in passenger cars, 4WD cars, light and heavy duty commercial automatic transmissions and power steering units. Can also be used in rotary vane and screw type compressors, hydraulic systems and manual transmissions where this type of fluid is specified. This oil is recommended and safe to use in all vehicles that require a GM DEXRON® or DEXRON® II type product or where earlier fluids such as Type A / Suffix A are specified. It is also recommended for use in 5 speed manual gearboxes from Rover and Jaguar.
• Allison C-4
• MB 236.6, 236.7
• ZF TE-ML11, TE-ML 14
• Ford ESR-M2C163-A
• Ford M2C166-H
• Ford M2C138-CJ
• Voith Diwa
• Denison T5D, P-46, HF-2
• Vickers 35VQ25
• Sundstrand 22-213L
• Mitsubishi SP/SP2
• Toyota T-II/D2
• BTR 5M-52
• BTR 81/91.
Filling Quantity 1 l