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Penrite Gear oil

Limslip 85W-140 - hypoid oil for vehicles with limited slip differential
Designed for use in limited slip (or spin resistant) rear axles on passenger cars, light commercials, 4WDs and on- and off- highway truck and construction equipment. All Penrite Limslip oils may be used in conventional hypoid rear axles. For consistent high temperature or extreme high load operation such as heavy towing. Penrite Limslip 85W-140 is particularly recommended in higher ambient conditions, or for quietening noisy differentials where the noise is due to wear, thus prolonging the life of the unit before rebuild is required.
Customer Benefits:
• Superior thermal stability, maintaining cleanliness of critical parts thus extending the life of the components.
• Superior protection against scoring and spalling wear which can occur under repeated shock load conditions.
• Quiet, shudder free operation due to use of selected friction modifiers.
Filling Quantity 1 l