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Fuel sender unit

106.64 GBP
Fuel sender unit
LH fuel tank - identify by red connecting cover

Jaguar XJ6 4.2 Series II and III with fuel injection from January 1979: Jaguar 4.2 Saloon from 2T73869 (LHD) and 2T25109 (RHD) and from 2T69451 (USA and Canada), Daimler 4.2 Saloon from 2S50684 (LHD) and 2S11538 (RHD), Vanden Plas from 3C1771 (RHD) • XJ12 Series II and III with fuel injection from May 1975: Jaguar Saloon from 2R53903 (LHD) and 2R3923 (RHD), Daimler Doubler-Six Saloon from 2K50091 (LHD) and 2K2197 (RHD), Daimler Vanden Plas from 2P50056 (LHD) and 2P1873 (RHD), Jaguar Coupe from 2G50001 (LHD) and 2G1015 (RHD), Daimler Double-Six Coupe from 2F50002 (LHD) and 2F1004 (RHD)

Please note: warranty is void when using with E10 or any other type of racing / special fuel.