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Foot dipper switch

Foot dipper switch
headlamps - square 103SA type with lucar terminals

MG MGB from May 1966 to October 1969: Roadster from GHN3-90364 to GHN4-187169, GT from GHD3-90364 to GHD4-187840

Triumph TR4 and TR4A (1961-67) • TR5 and TR250 (1967-68) • TR6 Carburettor to CC85737, TR6 P.I. to CP77718 (1968-72)

Sprite / Midget From March 1964 to September 1969: Sprite from HAN8-38829 to HAN9-85286, Midget from GAN3-25788 to GAN4-74885

Land Rover Series II and IIA (1958-71)

Austin Healey BJ8 (1963-68)

Jaguar Mark II: 340 from 1J51035 (RHD) and 1J80217 (LHD), 240 from 1J1970 (RHD) and 1J30209 (LHD) • Daimler 250 V8 Berline from 1A20198 (RHD) and 1K30001 (LHD) • XJ6 Series I (1968-73) • XJ12 Series I (1972-73)

Mini Mk1 (1959-67)