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Penrite Engine oil

Small Engine SAE 30
Penrite Small Engine SAE 30 is a premium mineral, non-friction modified engine oil formulated with modern additives for use in small four stroke engines. It provides complete protection against wear & corrosion and is designed to meet the lubrication needs of small four stroke engines.
It is suitable for use in four stroke engines in motorcycles, lawnmowers, generator sets and pumps, four stroke outboards / inboards, brushcutters and in other gardening equipment. This oil may also be used where in manual gearboxes where the manufacturer specifies a SAE 30 engine oil.
Oil Name Small Engine Four Stroke Mono 30
Viscosity SAE 30
Base Oil mineral
Specifications • API SG/CD
• MIL-L-2104B.
Scope mildly alloyed
Filling Quantity 1 l