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Engine mounting

Engine mounting
Engine mounts
The Petrol and Diesel engine mounts are interchangeable. The primary difference is that the construction of the Petrol engine mounts does a better job of absorbing engine vibration and the Diesel mounts are stronger. The metal ends on the Diesel mounts are shaped like shallow ‘U’s. This makes the rubber to metal connection almost impossible to shear in the direction of the ‘U’ arms.
Land Rovers in rough off road use can use Diesel mounts on the engine and transfer case with the arms of the ‘U’ oriented front to rear to minimize the chances of mount failure while driving off road.
Of course a mount is only as good as it’s condition. A pre off road trip inspection should include checking the condition of the mounts. A good way to check this is to put a jack under the engine and lift slightly. You can visually inspect the mounts for separation or cracks in the rubber. Repeat with the transfer case. When in doubt replace the mounts.
Rover recommends checking the condition of engine and transmission mounts every 12,000 miles under normal operating conditions.