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Conversion gasket set

V8 engine - supplied with special crank cover plate to adapt rear oil seal

other manufacturers Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II/III plus Bentley S2/3 from 1959 to 1966 (from VIN...1001 to 8741) • Rolls Royce Silver Shadow plus Bentley T-Series from 1965 to 1979 (from VIN...1001 to 39528)

The first V8 engine cars were fitted with a scroll in the crankcase and an oil thrower on the rear of the crankshaft as a means of retaining the oil in the sump. Unfortunately, this arrangement was never 100% successful and was only resolved when the B series engine was introduced in 1979 for the last of the Silver Shadow II and T2 models and a proper oil seal was fitted into the rear of the crankcase. This kit of parts includes a new rear crank cover plate, mounting bolts and washers, for the rear of the crankcase, the oil seal that it retains, two locating dowels and the horseshoe gasket. In order to try and ensure that all possible sources of leakage from the rear and underside of the engine are cured we have also included: a sump gasket kit (the sump gasket will be disturbed when replacing the rear crank cover plate, the rear camshaft cover gasket, the breather pipe gasket (not required on later Shadow & T models). We have developed the new cover plate so that it can be removed and replaced without having to remove the crankshaft from the engine.