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Knipex Circlip pliers

Circlip pliers
140 mm long precision circlip pliers for internal circlips in bore holes.
• Style :DIN 5256 C; straight tips with 1.3 mm diameter
• Size of bore: 12 to 25 mm diameter
Knipex precision circlip pliers are made with a special tool steel construction with PVC dipped handles for added comfort, durability and most importantly added grip.
• Pliers grey atramentized, handles with non-slip plastic coating.
• With inserted tips for reliable work
• Heavy duty in continuous operation: up to 10 times longer service life compared to turned tips
• Large contact faces on the tips: no distortion of circlips, easy fitting
• Bolted joint: precise, zero backlash operation of pliers
• Internal opening spring, protected and captive (on internal cirlip pliers only)
• Non-slip plastic coating on the handles
• Pliers body: chrome vanadium electric steel, forged, oil-hardened
• Inserted tips: spring steel wire, drawn