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Jaguar XK120 Explored

934.62 GBP
written by Bernard Viart, 556 pages with 2500 most coloured illustrations, size: 305 x 229 mm, binding: hardcover with dust jacket, language: English
Author Bernard Viart
Pages 556
Format 229 mm x 305 mm
Blurb This really quite extraordinary book records every detail for both LHD and RHD models and all body styles of this popular Jaguar sports car of the 1950s.
Absolutely invaluable for both professional and amateur restorers - identify what should be where and what's missing!
All types of XK 120 are covered, starting with the aluminium-bodied Open Two Seaters and their wood frames, and moving on to the production steel-bodied Roadsters (early and late types), then the Fixed Head and Drop Head Coupes.
The cars are dissected by means of some 2.500 individual drawings in some 413 plates, most in colour, and almost every part, nut, bolt and washer is shown - and, of vital importance, where they are located on the car. These books make it far more practical to buy and restore a disassembled or incomplete XK, because Bernard Viart provides these vital visual references to what every part looks like and where it should go, including all the wiring in colour. Even if you won't be restoring an XK 120, this book gives an absolutely unique analysis of how the XK 120 was made and assembled.