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No-Rosion Cooling system treatment

13.2 GBP
Cooling system treatment
neutralizes acids and prevents corrosion. 1 bottle protects cooling systems up to 22 quarts (20 litres) in capacity for one year in irregularly driven vehicles, or 30,000 miles of use for regularly driven vehicles
Originally developed for high-end boilers and cooling towers in the field of industrial water treatment, No-Rosion is a powerful, industrial-grade automotive cooling system corrosion inhibitor that stabilizes coolant pH, and protects all six metals most commonly found in cooling systems from corrosion and electrolysis - including aluminum.
Dissolved oxygen in coolant functions as a catalyst that drives oxidation of metals in a cooling system. No-Rosion contains oxygen scavengers that chemically remove dissolved oxygen from coolant, thus preventing this type of damage.
Polymer dispersants in No-Rosion prevent hardness in water, and inhibitors in antifreeze, from dropping out of solution to form gels. These insoluble materials adhere to surfaces inside a cooling system to form scales and deposits that cause overheating. These polymers also provide lubricity to the water pumps. For this reason, it is not necessary to use a water pump lubricant when No-Rosion is in a cooling system.
For heavy duty/diesel applications, No-Rosion contains nitrite, which prevents cavitation erosion of wet-sleeve cylinder liners.
Filling Quantity 473 ml