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EBC Brake pads

Brake pads
front - Kevlar 'green stuff' specification. Identify by 1/4" retaining pins

Triumph TR3B TCF series models (1962) • TR4 with wire wheels from CT4690 and with steel wheels from CT4388 (1962-65) • TR4A (1965-67) • TR5/250 and TR6 to CP76094 and CC81078 (1968-72) • GT6 to KE12389 and KF12390 (1966-72) • Vitesse 2 Litre and Mark 2 (1966-71)

Austin Healey BJ8 from 26705 (1964-68)

MG MGC (1967-69)

Morgan Plus 8 3.5 (1966-73)

TVR Tasmin and 280i Series 1 (to 12/1981)

Lotus Cortina Mk I and Mk II (1965-70) • Elan Plus 2 (1969-72)

The material used in ‚green stuff 2000 series‘ brake pads is Kevlar based. The brake pads give a strong progressive braking from low temperature up to 900°F, they are great for fast road, road sport and light race cars.
Most „green stuff“ brake pads are type aprroved ‚E‘ marked and meet the Reg.90 certification, this information will be found on bottom of each package. As an added bonus Kevlar based brake pads produce less brake dust than other materials and have fantastic wear life.