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Brake conversion kit

663.87 GBP
MG Brake conversion kit
front to 4 pot calipers. Runs with the original brake discs

MG MGB (1962-80) • MGB V8 (1973-76)

We have spent may hours improving the fit and design of our calipers. This is in response to comments from customers and also for our own pride in the product. All front axle caliper sets across the range are now supplied with stainless steel pistons and a set of shims. This means the caliper sits in the best possible position on the vehicle and most particularly the disc is central in the caliper. The different shim configurations are for each different vehicle. each kit comes with the appropriate shim included and a picture of where the shims fit and full fitting instructions for the kit.
It is imperative that these pictures and instructions remain in the kit when it is sold to the customer. This ensures the correct fitting of the kit. Removal of the documentation and shims invalidates all warranties on the product.
Vehicle Type Approval N