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Brake conversion kit

rear to vented discs

Jaguar E-Type Series 1, 2 and 3 (1961-74)

The inboard brakes used on Jaguar’s brilliant I.R.S. keep un-sprung weight to a minimum, but a tradeoff is poor cooling. For full race- or fast road use, the rear brakes can easily overheat. Many solutions have been tried over the years but upgrading to vented rear brake discs is one of the best.
Please note that this kit requires the use of Girling-style calipers as used on Series 2 and 3 E-Type. Series 1 owners need in addition a pair of Girling-style calipers (part no. 489344) and new brake pads (part no. 209074). Finally, there were myriad differential castings; when fitting later calipers to an early differential, some clearance grinding may be required.
Vehicle Type Approval N