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Triumph Stag Parts Catalogue

Parts catalogue
Triumph Stag. Reprint of the original catalogue with 408 pages, size: 297 x 210 mm, binding: paperback, language: English
Author Brooklands Books Ltd.
Pages 0
Format 203 mm x 289 mm x 22 mm
Blurb This book is completely pictorial on the Triumph Stag, that is, a pictorial group index, section index and part numbered illustrations with no descriptions. This gives a quicker look up time and obviates the need for translation. The part number quoted on the illustrations is common to all models covered by the publication. The official description of the part, where this information is needed, is shown in the numerical index at the end of the publication. With the usual sections on engine, gearbox, propellor shaft, axle, suspension, road wheel, brakes, clutch, steering, radiator, exhaust, petrol systems, electrical equipment, body and fittings, heating and ventilation.