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The success of the Mazda MX-5 clearly showed that the market for small two-seater sports cars was not as small as was believed when the production of the MGB ceased 10 years earlier. They took the most typical English of all possible paths, pulling a Heritage body from the corner and generously equipping it in terms of engine and interior. Although the leaf spring and the drum brake were heavily criticized in the trade press, 5.9 seconds to 100 km/h were a statement!

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MG RV8: More than just an intermediate model from MG

The RV8 was built exclusively as right-hand drive models from 1993-1995, which was unexpected, especially in Japan. This was due to the fact that the Japanese generally had a great interest in British products at that time!

The main merit of the RV8 was to prepare the market and the brand for the new MGF, which succeeded it in 1995. By December 1995, a total of only 2,000 units of the youngtimer had been built with the husky Rover V8 engine with a displacement of 3,946 cm³, which gave the MG an output of 137 hp.

Since the small cabriolet weights only 1,280 kilograms, the result is a very lively performance. The extremely potent MG R8 should therefore only be driven by real experts, because Rover had the courage - or madness, as you prefer - to leave the drum brakes from the seventies on the rear rigid axle. In contrast to the hard driving behavior, the interior scores with soft tones and materials:

  • much beige
  • a lot of wood, more precisely elm wood
  • a lot of soft Conolly leather
  • but unfortunately also a lot of plastic

This has bitterly offended many MG lovers, but the attention to details - keyword fittings - probably makes up for it. At least with the above mentioned Japanese, as they loved the lively MG so much.

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