Find your Moto-Lita steering wheel at SC Parts!

Moto-Lita steering wheels are handmade and are considered classics among British steering wheels. They are also made according to the best traditions of British engineering. The long and lively tradition of the beautiful as well as ergonomically designed classic car steering wheels cut an excellent figure on many classic enthusiast vehicles!

Moto-Lita steering wheel made from wood or leather

Our range includes more than 100 different models, which are available from stock and usually arrive at your home within two days. And even contemporary modern vehicles can be equipped with a Moto-Lita steering wheel using a suitable adapter - more on this later under Moto-Lita accessories. Among other things, at SC Parts you will find Moto-Lita wooden steering wheels for special brands such as:

These steering wheels have a diameter of 13 to 16 inches, are made of fine woods and are polished to a high gloss. You can either get a steering wheel made of high-quality mahogany wood or opt for a model made of attractive walnut wood. We also have black anodised models and polished models that shine silver. You also have a choice when it comes to spokes:

  •   three or four spokes 
  • perforated or slotted spokes

If you drive a classic vehicle of another brand, such as an Austin Healey, then we also have universal steering wheels from Moto-Lita in our range! Most of the steering wheels are also available in the above-mentioned designs, as is the case with the Jaguar or the MG.

We at SC Parts are happy to help you with your choice! To determine the right hub, you only need to specify the exact vehicle type and you can order your desired steering wheel from us.

If you are more interested in leather Moto-Lita steering wheels with a good grip and a snug fit, then we can of course also help you.

By the way, steering wheels have always been made of wood and were usually driven with gloves because fingers get sweaty. However, because it was no longer possible to operate every switch with gloves, the sportier steering wheels were covered with sweat-absorbing leather so that gloves could be dispensed with in sport.

Once again, our SC Parts range includes an extensive selection that is sure to have something to suit every type of vehicle and taste!

  • We offer leather steering wheels from 12" to 16" in diameter.
  • You can choose three or four spokes, which are either perforated or slotted.
  • We have black anodised spokes or polished spokes in our range.
  • You can choose between flat and cupped leather steering wheels from Moto-Lita.

By the way, you can recognise original steering wheels of the British manufacturer with rank and name by the engraved Moto-Lita lettering!

Moto-Lita steering wheel hubs

The steering wheel hub is the centre of every steering wheel and as a driver you have a good view of the good piece.

 If you decide to buy a new hub, then you are in the right place - either to match the new Moto-Lita steering wheel or due to damage.

In some cases, we have hubs with an included horn in the steering column lever and in many cases we offer hubs for special vehicle brands and models, for example for MG, various TVR models or Jaguar and Daimler. For the latter, you can also order the matching adapter for mounting at the same time!

Moto-Lita Accessories

A new steering wheel also needs to be fitted or retrofitted with a horn. In terms of Moto-Lita accessories, we therefore have the following products for you in our range:

  • Covers
  • Horn button
  • Mounting rings including mounting screws
  • Leather covers for steering wheels
  • Screw sets

Buy your new Moto-Lita steering wheel now at SC Parts!

The choice of model is entirely up to you, we at SC Parts, on the other hand, take care of the large selection! If you have specific questions or are unsure which Moto-Lita steering wheel fits to your classic car, please do not hesitate and contact us! We will be glad to help you choose your new classic car steering wheel!


How big can be the steering wheel for my car?

The size of the old steering wheel, which is usually measured in inches, may serve as a guideline. A smaller steering wheel, and you notice every inch, makes it easier to get in but more difficult to steer. And they look very sporty, of course. Steering wheels with less than 13" often cause problems during the main inspection. Larger steering wheels make steering easier. If the previous owner fitted a fancy mini steering wheel that looks great but you can't get the car to manoeuvre, take a look to see if there is a fancy Moto Lita steering wheel in about the original size at the time. We recommend choosing a diameter slightly smaller than the original steering wheel. It looks good, allows easy access and the car remains manoeuvrable.

What are the delivery times for a Moto Lita steering wheel?

We deliver most Moto Lita steering wheels from stock within the next few days. Rare models or hubs are ordered as soon as possible.

Which steering wheel is suitable for sporty classic cars?

A wooden steering wheel is a more aesthetic choice, a leather steering wheel is the choice for sporty ambitions. Tall drivers can relax their seating position with flat steering wheels, and shorter drivers drive better with cupped steering wheels.