Classic car mirrors at SC Parts

Here you can browse through our classic car mirror range. Whether you are looking for an exterior mirror in the popular bullet design, an interior mirror with suction cup mount or a mirror for your classic motorbike - here at SC Parts, the leading spare parts specialist, you will find what you are looking for!

Mirrors for your classic car: regulations and things to know

Mirrors help when overtaking or changing lanes. A rear-view mirror on the driver's side and an interior mirror are mandatory. Although not mandatory to date, the door mirror on the passenger side is at least as useful. Choosing the right mirror for your classic vehicle is based on many technical and some aesthetic factors.

The air resistance is important, the availability of symmetrical or right and left mountable mirrors or the matching appearance of the combination of vehicle and mirror is a factor in the selection. We have compiled an extensive selection of classic car mirrors that can be used for all classic cars and motorbikes, regardless of brand.

Here you will find our classic car mirror products at SC Parts - so please read on! But you are also welcome to browse through our mirror brochure, which you can download here for free!

Wing mirrors and door mirrors

Mirrors of this design are suitable for mounting either on the wing or on the door just below the side window. It is important to ensure that the angle of the mirror base is chosen to match the shape of the wing or door. Most sports mirrors are mounted on the front wings - their holders are therefore flat at the bottom. Door-mounted mirrors often have larger adjustment ranges or a holder that is bent by up to 90°.

Wing mirror with adjustable base

If you would like to adjust your mirror but do not have or do not wish to install electrical wiring in the vehicle for this purpose, you can rely on our manually adjustable mirror. The exterior mirror with square head, convex glass and adjustable base can be mounted on the left or right side.
The spring-loaded, adjustable mirror is fixed in a central hole and is available in different versions.

  •     Mirror head dimensions: 140 x 89 mm
  •     Height of base: Adjustable from 40 to 110 mm
  •     Width of base: Adjustable from 0 to 70 mm
  •     Base: 32 mm

Chic wing bar mirrors

If you prefer something a little slimmer, it's best to opt for our bar mirror with a round mirror surface. By remounting the holder, the mirror is suitable for both right-hand and left-hand drive. The mirror diameter is 105 mm and is especially suitable for the Jaguar models…

  • XK120
  • XK140
  • XK150 (1949-1961).

Note: The rubber washer required for mounting is included!

For more models, for example in round, trapezoidal or square design or accessories such as mirror heaters for car exterior mirrors and microfibre cloths for cleaning, follow our link to the classic car exterior mirrors page.

Door mirror

As mentioned above, these mirrors are mounted on the door just below the side window and not on the front wing like the models presented so far. At SC Parts, you can choose from many colours and models. In addition, we again offer flat and convex models.

  • This rectangular model made of polished stainless steel with flat glass matches countless classics from the 1960 to 1980 model year.
  • This chrome-plated model with flat glass with an oval shape fits Jaguar E-Type models, the XJ6 and the XJ12 series particularly well.
  • This round chromed model fits perfectly to the Triumph Stag, Tr5/250 and the TR6 as well as to the Jaguar XJ6 series I and II and the XJ12 series I and II.
  • We also have some door mirrors on offer that are manually adjustable from the inside, such as for the Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 Series III.

When ordering, please always make sure whether the model is suitable for the left or right door!

Accessories for mirror mounting

SC Parts also offer a wide range of products for the installation of your classic car mirror. Whether mirror socks or mounting plates: With us, you will find the right accessories with matching hole spacing, such as these two mounting plates:

  • Mirror mounting plate, flat plastic with 82 mm base width and 38 mm hole spacing
  • Flat mounting plate with 92 mm base width and 55 mm hole spacing

Classic car interior mirror

Today, most interior mirrors are bolted to the roof bows. On classic vehicles, the mirrors were usually attached to the top of the dashboard or to the mirror rod of the windscreen. We have a wide range of suitable mirrors for all types of mounting.

No matter if you…

  • prefer a model made of plastic,
  • a chrome-plated rear-view mirror fits perfectly into your historic vehicle,
  • or you have a weakness for gold…

…at SC Parts you will not only find different materials for the rear view mirror. Of course, you will also find our mirrors in various dimensions and with anti-glare function - for a closer look at our classic car interior mirror range, simply click on the link! And if none of our presented designs fits, we recommend a rear-view mirror with suction cup attachment or for gluing on.

Classic car exterior mirrors

At SC Parts, you will of course find our high-quality exterior mirrors in several versions, so that they visually match your enthusiast vehicle. It is always indicated and easy to understand whether the mirror has to be installed on the right or left side of the vehicle. The matching rubber seal that must be installed between the mirror and the body is also available from SC Parts.

Exterior mirror: Lucas type

This perfectly chromed Lucas exterior mirror is probably the most installed mirror on classic cars ever! The mirror is not only extremely stable due to its zinc die-casting. It is also an absolutely authentic eye-catcher due to its round as well as beautifully framed mirror surface.

In addition, it can be installed on many models! The mirror head has a diameter of 105 mm and the mirror base comes with an M8 thread. The rubber seals for mounting must be ordered separately.

The model is of course available in two versions: One for the left side of the vehicle and one for the right side.

If you would like to see even more products on the subject, simply follow the link to the classic car exterior mirror page.

Jaguar wing mirrors

If you drive a Jaguar E-Type series 1 or 2 or are allowed to call an XJ6 or an XJ12 your own, then we at SC Parts have the right mirror for you here too! The beautiful chrome-plated rectangular design fits perfectly with the elegant line of Jaguar models. In addition, the mirror does not have any visible screw con-nections! The matching base rubber is included in the scope of delivery.

This model is of course also available in two versions: once for the left side of the vehicle and once for the right side of the vehicle.

If you would like to see even more products on the subject, then simply follow the link to the page Oldtimer Exterior Mirrors.

Clamping mirror classic car

Until the 1960s, exterior mirrors were often special equipment and correspondingly rare. When one - and later two - rear-view mirrors became standard, many historic vehicles and classic cars were equipped with clip-on mirrors. The advantages are obvious:

  •     no drilling
  •     large adjustment range
  •     They fit almost all vehicles with window frames.

We always recommend clip-on mirrors if the vehicle was delivered from the factory without mirrors and a standard mirror would be a style break. If you are looking for exactly such a mirror, then we recommend that you take a look at our page on the subject of classic car clamping mirrors.

Motorbike mirrors

Classic motorbike mirrors are available in many designs. The most important thing about the motorbike mirror is the rider's view to the rear. To do this, the mirror has to pass the rider's shoulder and look backwards. SC Parts therefore supplies handlebar end mirrors in addition to the top-mounted mirrors. The normal motorbike handlebar has a tube diameter of 7/8", to which all specifications refer.

Bar mirror

Bar mirrors are standard equipment on most motorcycles. This type of mirror partly protrudes beyond the driver, which, however, usually reduces the field of vision. They are screwed into the brake and clutch fittings or are attached with their own clamps. The advantages of these mirrors are obvious:

  • Bar mirrors are inexpensive.
  • They can be mounted almost anywhere.
  • They are certainly the first choice on classic motorbikes with an original look.

Most motorbike mirrors have an M10x1.25 connection. Smaller mopeds and scooters, where the mirror is in the handlebar switch, often have only M8 connections. On some vehicles, the right-hand connection has a left-hand thread. In principle, this makes technical sense.

From experience we know that the left-hand threads are also unscrewed on the left. That is why we recommend mirrors with a right-hand thread on both sides, which can also be mounted absolutely twist-proof thanks to well thought-out adapters.

In addition, we also have suitable adapters for left-hand threads with or without extensions in our range!

Our range includes motorbike mirrors with round heads in black and convex glass. The diameter is 120 mm, the width 250 mm and it can be mounted on the left or right side of the motorbike.

If you prefer an oval head, the mirror with 88 x 148 mm and a total width of 220 mm might be right for you. This mirror can also be mounted on the left and right of the motorbike.

We also have beautiful chrome models with trapezoidal or oval heads in our range. The trapezoidal mirror has a convex glass pane, the oval one a flat one.  As you can see: We at SC Parts have something for every taste! The trapezoidal version can be ordered separately for left and right-sided mounting, the oval mirror can be mounted on both sides.

Buy classic car mirrors now at SC Parts!

Whether you are looking for a classic car mirror for a specific classic model or prefer to rely on universal spare parts: At SC Parts you are well advised. If you have any special requests or perhaps cannot manage to find your way around our extensive range, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit one of our shops! We will be glad to help you.


Can an exterior mirror also be mounted on the vehicle without drilling?

Yes, on many vehicles with fixed door frames, mirrors can be fixed in the bodywork grooves. In this way, mirrors with a good view of the following traffic can be attached without damaging the body substance or the paintwork.